watermelon please

The sky is blue and cloudless. The hot surfers jump into the light blue waves with their oiled bodysuits. A salty, floating breeze is a welcome respite on sultry beach days on Miami's coast. Perfect time for a "WATERMELON PLEASE"! At Nikki Beach Club we order a refreshing watermelon cocktail. The sweet, pink juice tastes like summer and takes us into the fruity world of the green ball. We forget the time and the day is slowly coming to an end on Miami Beach. The setting sun colors the blue sky in a painting of dark pink and turquoise. We order a last pink drink and look at the blue, endless sea.

Sea you soon

A blue so endless, deep and yet warm and calming. The waves rush, the air tastes salty. When the sun is higher and it slowly gets too hot even for short summer dresses it is: Dive into the turquoise waves. The body floats weightlessly in the water and the gaze wanders to the horizon. The blue of the sky mixes with the turquoise of the sea and makes us dream for a short time. We listen to the gentle sounds of the waves as a cool breeze passes us by. The sun slowly sets and reflects on the crystal blue surface beneath her. The sky turns fiery orange and we too are burning - for the next day. SEA YOU SOON Miami Beach!

Fake Fur

listening snowflakes, gingerbread and evenings by the fireplace. Ah, winter is such an enchanting time of the year. But it’s also unbelievably cold! Time to wrap up in a fluffy coat. The fake fur trend has arrived just at the right time. We wear our fake fur jacket in a cool mud tone with skinny jeans and colour-coordinated over-the-knees. This gives the look an especially elegant touch. Designers like Stella McCartney and more recently, Gucci, are renouncing the use of real fur. Thanks to its good quality, fake fur is in no way inferior to the real stuff! It keeps us warm, exudes glamour and we have a clean conscience to boot. So let’s fake it in style! After all, when we’re wrapped up this cosy, winter can last as long as it wants!

Less is more!

Wardrobes overflow and the dressing rooms are crammed. A dress for every occasion is not even enough for most people. But why, if we needed only one thing: the little black dress. Coco Chanel ushered in a new era with her minimalist evening gown. Today, the trend on the catwalks has become indispensable. Labels such as Jil Sander or Céline stand for minimalism and convince with unusual cuts. High-quality materials such as chiffon and silk in muted colors make the look look clean and sexy at the same time. Patterns or opulent accessories are out of place here. In this pure look alone our natural beauty is in the foreground. So what about an all-over look in nude and a subtle make-up? Sometimes we should style ourselves according to the motto less is more.

Scandalous lives of N.Y.

Hey Upper East Sierre. Here is ANNY. We have the coolest city to celebrate for you: New York. The nightlife there is as diverse as the city itself. Whether you're looking for world-famous DJs, chic jazz lounges, or a wild nightclub with a hot tub on the dance floor, New York will live up to your expectations. This is the city that never sleeps. The outfit plays an important role here. With nails in Korallpink, past the doorman, you will definitely stand out among the black dressed party people! First to the bar, then off to the dance floor. Surrounded by sweaty bodies that move lasciviously to the beat, no clear idea can be grasped. Everything does not matter, nothing matters except this one night. Oh ... who am I? I will never reveal this secret! You know, you love me! XOXO ANNY.

Urban Jungle

Horny taxis, flashing lights and streaming crowds.
A city that serves as the setting for countless films that write songs that inspire. People come here to make their dreams come true. Because whoever manages it here, can do it everywhere. Life in this big city is fast. The pedestrians do not hesitate to cross the road, cross daring intersections, so that the cars almost adhere to them. Who can not keep up with the breakneck speed is quickly lost. But you are never alone here. People are as crazy as the city itself - a jungle, because you have to find your way around first. The gray of the many skyscrapers merges with the few green of the city parks.
And when the sun goes down, the sea of ​​lights gets brighter and brighter. Welcome to the Urban Jungle of New York.

Woman in red


There’s a type of woman that is just like a magnet. She is elegant, sensual, cool and attracts both men and women with her aura. She never loses sight of herself. Career, apartment, friends, dates. She sweeps through everyday life with perfectly manicured red nails and voluminous, blow-dried hair. But there’s something that makes her appearance even more fascinating. She emanates strength and self-confidence. The scent of Chanel No. 5 enshrouds anyone in her wake. Her voice, clear yet intriguingly rich, captivates as she talks with sophistication. This woman embodies the seductive side of glamour. She knows exactly what she wants. But you wouldn’t know it to look at her – she’s a secret just waiting to be uncovered. Men worship her. Doesn’t she run after them? Her high heels would only get in the way. A woman who relishes in being a woman – the ultimate femme fatale.

Really Cosy

The fragrance of tangerine, cinnamon and pine. When the leaves begin to turn outside, it’s time to cosy up inside. Curled up in front of the fireplace, sipping a hot chocolate, stress seems a million miles away. We take time for ourselves. And best of all, we switch our mobiles off! Immersing yourself in the here and now and escaping the bustle of everyday life. Sounds easy, but being able to switch off completely is a fine art. We’re always adding more to our imaginary To Do lists. The rubbish needs taking out, you’ve still to answer your best friend’s voice message, Mum has been waiting for days for you to call her back. Have we forgotten how to be happy? The Danes are far ahead of us in this regard. They are considered as one of the happiest nations in the world. They have hygge – a way of life in which the little things are appreciated. So what shouldn’t be missing from our To Do lists during the cold season? Enjoying the moment and recharging our batteries. We’re getting really cosy, cuddled up with a woolly blanket and a good book on the couch while the hot chocolate bubbles on the stove.

Magic Fairytale

If you were to ask an adult if they believe in magic, they’d probably laugh or look a little confused. Many forget that magic is also alive in the simple things. The feeling we get when we listen to music, look at artwork or read a book and are moved by its content. The feeling of falling in love. Everything that seems far away from everyday life and fills us with wonder – just like in a fairytale.

The challenges and hurdles of everyday life can often make us forget that life itself is full of magic. We would love to escape into an idyllic, dreamlike fairytale world every time things get a little crazy. We’re always on the lookout for magical solutions. So isn’t it time to start believing in magic and fairy tales?

sweet paradise

Lounging on the beach for hours, bonfires at sunset and endless, warm summer nights dominate our daydreams. Lost in our thoughts, we sip on cocktails served in coconuts by the pool, watch the breeze frolick through palm leaves and listen to the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. Suddenly, the phone rings and we’re torn from our imagination. Even if our next holiday is too far away to count, we can still find our own sweet paradise in the simple things. A soothing bubble bath in the evening, a long walk or a manicure in paradisical coral can make all the difference.

It doesn’t matter where we are, but rather what we make of it. And until we finally find ourselves snorkelling in turquoise waters surrounded by pink coral, we’ll just have to make our own paradise.

All the best

I’ll admit it – I love pink! It is the best color of all. Pink reminds me of the noughties. Of HubbaBubba bubblegum and Paris Hilton’s Juicy Couture jogging suits. They probably weren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but thanks to the collaboration with Vetements, the pink tracksuits still pound the catwalk today. What I once wrote off as a nightmare in pink, I now think is super cool. Whoever wants to wear pink can rock it. The color is fresh, fun and always packs a punch. Fun fact: pink promotes friendliness. So there you have it – I wish you all the best!

Supernova Casanova

I’ll be honest. I’m a bit of a Casanova. Wait patiently on a bar stool until a man speaks to me? That’s long been a cliché. Nowadays, women do what they want. We are daredevils, seductresses and even heart-breakers. Stupid chat-up lines like ‘Hey I’ve lost my phone number. Can I borrow yours?’ – sorry boys, we can do much better. We know how to make you weak at the knees with a single glance, a subtle touch of our bodies. Your hypnotised look follows our bright orange nails and you don’t even know we’ve got you right where we want you. After all, Giacomo Casanova knew exactly what he was talking about when he said, ‘I have always wooed unknowingly, since I myself was the one being wooed all along.’