ANNY Application Instructions

How to apply ANNY nail polish for a professional look

  • To ensure perfect durability, nails should be absolutely free from grease or dirt before polishing.
  • For a longer-lasting finish and to prevent discoloring, apply a base coat, nail hardener, or groove filler.
  • Apply the first coat of the colored polish thinly: First paint both sides of the nail, and then paint the middle with a single brush stroke (drying time: one-two minutes).
  • Then apply the second coat of polish just as thinly.
  • Apply the two thin coats and allow enough time to dry between each application. With some ANNY colors, depending on the pigmentation, the first coat of polish can look streaky, and the color will only look even when the second coat is applied.
  • To finish, apply a top coat for a long-lasting super shine.
  • There is a difference between the two drying phases "dry to touch" and "impact-resistant." If you follow our application instructions, after the two coats are applied the polish is dry to touch after about six to eight minutes and impact-resistant after fifteen minutes.

We hope you have lots of fun trying out the ANNY colors!