ANNY Professional Quality

ANNY stands for a unique color concept with more than 100 nail polish shades in unmatched professional quality. But what does professional quality mean? In close collaboration with pioneers in professional nail design and experienced experts, ANNY has developed a nail polish with a patented formula. Decades of experience flowed into the creation of a formaldehyde-free nail polish that offers a wealth of advantages.

Excellent coverage

ANNY nail polish provides excellent coverage. Generally, one coat of polish is enough. However, the best result is achieved by using two thin coats. The long, wide brush ensures simple, even application – with no streaks. The stylish bottle is not only a decorative addition to any bathroom, but is also stable and easy to hold.

Long-lasting finish

Other advantages are the very long shelf life and beautiful, long-lasting shine of ANNY nail polish. Preparing the nails with an ANNY Base Coat, Groove Filler or Nail Hardener improves durability and protects the nail from discoloration if the polish is strongly pigmented. ANNY's High Gloss Top Coat ensures a long-lasting high gloss and perfect finish.


And what woman has patience when polishing her nails? ANNY nail polish dries quickly. To achieve optimum results using two coats of colored polish, apply the first coat thinly, then wait two to three minutes before applying a thin second coat.

In summary:

  • excellent coverage
  • long-lasting finish
  • perfect super-shine
  • smooth, easy application
  • long-lasting
  • quick-drying
  • 15 ml in a bottle

    ANNY nail polish does it all.