ANNY art club – make up your nails

Nail Art is currently THE topic in the hotspots of the USA. The best-known trendsetters regularly present their own Nail Art creations on Instagram and Twitter. And with the popular ANNY polishes and just a few simple tools, any woman can now create her own nail designs and so set new trends! ANNY presents the most iconic
nail looks ranging from „easy“ to „challenging“, with step-by-step instructions and lots of useful tips to copy.
Whether geometric designs or popular polka dots - there‘s the right design for any nail polish lover here.


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General Tips

Important application notes

Step 1: Preparing the unpolished nails

Remove particles of dust and grease and, if necessary, the cuticles (e.g. with ANNY cuticle off – effective gel) – for perfect results

Step 2: Apply the base coat

Apply ANNY base coat or ANNY ridgefiller – for longer-lasting results and to protect against discolorations

Step 3: Applying the basic color

Apply two thin layers of polish – for better coverage. For ideal coverage start the nail look with a lighter color and use a darker shade as second lacquer

Step 4: Hardening the layers of polish

Always allow the individual layers to dry completely – to enable the entire nail design to harden properly

Step 5: Removing the stencils

Carefully remove the adhesive strips and NAIL ART STENCILS only when completely dry – to prevent the edge from fraying

Step 6: Take your time

Work calmly and precisely – for lovely, even results


Tools for different dot sizes

Make up sponge

Fine scissors

Adhesive tape

Hole reinforcements

Nail Art Studs

Nail Art Stencils

Metallic Nail Tips