New York

New York is an ANNY city

The ANNY fashion scouts keep a constant eye on New York, inspired by the city's glamour and lifestyle to come up with new trends. And thus the ANNY collection is constantly being expanded by the nail polish trends of tomorrow!

City of fashion trends

New York is the world’s most important fashion capital. When more than 100 top designers issue invitations twice a year to the fashion show at Lincoln Center, the entire world of fashion is turned topsy-turvy. All eyes are on the models, of course, down to their fingertips. For spring 2011, all the designers agree: grey, in every shade! ANNY's "Velvet Chinchilla" and "Grey Elegance" are thus an ideal choice.

City of luxury

Those who don’t want to just look at designer fashions, but actually want to buy them make their way to Fifth Avenue, where Prada is next to Versace and Armani is a neighbor of Louis Vuitton. Inspired by this feeling of absolute glamour, ANNY pays tribute to the shopping street with "5th Avenue," a strong pink that exudes self-confidence and energy.

City of alternative scenes

In Manhattan, it's SoHo or Greenwich Village – in Brooklyn, it's Williamsburg or Park Slope: the places to be for artists and well-to-do Bohemians. This is where second-hand shops are located next to upscale luxury stores and street artists display their works beside famous galleries.

Thus, it was the light blue graffiti that provided the inspiration for ANNY's "Blue Eyes" nail polish, while the subtle brown of the Museum of African Art in SoHo prompted ANNY's "Only You."