Miami is an ANNY city

The ANNY fashion scouts keep a constant eye on Miami, inspired by the city's brilliant colors and lifestyle as they come up with new trends. And thus the ANNY collection is constantly being expanded by the nail polish trends of tomorrow!

city of beautiful colors

Miami is probably the most colorful city in the world. The morning starts off in an upbeat mood, thanks to the dazzling blue sky. Walking down the legendary Ocean Drive, one’s eye is drawn to the mint-green balcony fronts, which immediately bring to mind ANNY's "Green Meets Mint." The hunt for new trends also takes the fashion scouts to Little Havana. This neighborhood provides a glimpse into the culture of Latin America, with its warm yet strong colors – like "Summertime" from ANNY!

city of super-hot fashions

Miami Fashion Week represents a superlative of the most stunning colors. It is here that the next season’s swimwear fashions are defined. Sassy styles and dazzling colors clearly reflect the designers’ objective: Stand out at any price! For the 2011 beach season, nails will be glowing in ANNY's brilliant "Sunshine In My Heart," with its tones of yellow!

city of beach parties

When the sun goes down in Miami, the fun truly starts. People head off to the biggest, most famous beach parties in the world, held, for example, in Mango’s Tropical Cafe in Miami Beach or at Nikki Beach on Ocean Drive. Sun-bronzed models in neon-colored bikinis dance to the beat of the trendiest DJs. And there's plenty in South Beach for those who'd prefer to keep their trousers on as they party: This is where superstars like Prince and Ricky Martin have their own bars and clubs.