ANNY & Friends

Passion connects. And so it's no wonder that Ileana and Claudie are the best of friends. Because they're constantly hunting for the latest fashion trends. While Ileana is making her way through the fashionable districts of Miami, Claudie meanwhile is scanning the latest creations at New York Fashion Week as she searches for the next "in" color. The girls always have lots to talk about – and you can join them on Facebook!


is the ANNY trend expert. She's worked with a team of experts to create a unique range of colors for ANNY, with fashion colors constantly being added. As a specialist in professional nail design and in hand and nail care, she's available on Facebook to answer questions and offer advice about the product lines.


is the ANNY fashion expert and is constantly on the look-out for the latest hypes in the fashion scene. The impenetrable jungle of colors created by designers is the source of her inspiration for new trendy nail polish colors, which she and Ileana successfully bring to market.